About Us

Our Journey at Oakmont Supplies:

Oakmont Supplies is a leader in the industrial supply and service sector, dedicated to upholding the integrity and efficiency of industrial operations. We pride ourselves on our proactive approach to supplying and servicing, understanding deeply the importance of maintenance and timely support in the industrial world.

Our Mission:

Our mission revolves around three core objectives:

  • Rigorous Supplier Audit: Quality is our signature. We conduct exhaustive audits to ensure every supplier and service provider aligns with our high standards for Quality, Delivery, and Performance. This meticulous approach guarantees reliability in all our products and services.
  • Unmatched Quality in Industrial Supplies and Services: Our commitment stretches from the products we supply to the services we render, including specialized industrial services like painting, pressure washing, and industrial cleaning. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that keep your operations running smoothly.
  • Competitive Pricing Through Global Sourcing: Our extensive global network enables us to offer economically viable solutions without compromising on quality. We ensure value-driven pricing for both our products and services, making quality accessible.

Proactive Service & Maintenance Planning:

Understanding the criticality of uninterrupted operations, Oakmont Supplies actively collaborates with each client to plan according to their preventative maintenance schedules. We synchronize our delivery and service timelines with your maintenance plans, ensuring seamless, uninterrupted service. This foresight minimizes downtime and maximizes efficiency, reflecting our commitment to your continuous operation and success.

Our Services:

Our suite of industrial services is designed to address the comprehensive needs of our clients. From routine maintenance to emergency response, Oakmont Supplies is your partner in maintaining operational continuity and efficiency. We tailor our services to fit the unique demands of each client, ensuring a personalized and effective approach to industrial maintenance.

Our Team:

At the core of Oakmont Supplies are dedicated professionals who understand the industrial landscape. Our team is committed to excellence, continually trained and equipped to meet the evolving needs of our clients. We are partners in your industrial journey, ensuring that every product and service we offer contributes to your success.

Join Us:

We invite you to experience the Oakmont advantage. Partner with us for a comprehensive approach to industrial supplies and services, designed to keep your operations running at peak efficiency. Let's work together to create a future where every maintenance plan is proactive, and every operation is uninterrupted.