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Article: A Refreshing Take On Accent Walls.

A Refreshing Take On Accent Walls.

A Refreshing Take On Accent Walls.

Accent Walls have been a beloved go-to of Interior Design for the past few years. In many ways this is because it lends it's self well to changing the outlook of your room. It can be used in a few ways to influence different desired outcomes: like making small or cramped spaces appear more open, making larger spaces more inviting and highlighting unique architectural features of homes.

 Accent walls are very commonly used in smaller rooms because it impacts the visual perception of the space and if done right, adds depth to the room. The Trick is in understanding the effect the wall's color and room's lighting have on the overall outlook. For areas where you are looking to increase the visual depth, stick to darker colors. Our eyes perceived darker colors as receding away from our focal point. As a result a darker accent wall with diffused lighting can make the rest of the room appear larger than it's actual size. Adding in more texture to this wall can create an even more immersive visual experience. The more pronounced the texture, the stronger the visual effect.

Vivid and distinctive textures can have a vastly different impact on the outlook of a space and can be tailored to suit individual needs. In many cases, newer houses tend to have a more "Open Concept" layout. This aesthetically pleasing school of design can have some drawbacks, primarily it can make large open areas appear clinical and uninviting. The right accent wall done tastefully can break the monotony without disrupting the minimal theme! We know that darker colors on an accent wall can add more depth to a room. Conversely a brighter choice of color with direct lighting creates the illusion of a shorter depth of field. We can use this to our advantage and even choose colors that match other accent pieces in your home. For example a pop of red in your accent wall can make other red décor such as vases flowers in the room stand out.

This accenting is not only limited to décor. Almost everybody has a feature of their house that they would like to have stand out. For some, its the kitchen; for others the reading nook while many of us just love a good view. All of these beautiful features can be enhanced and highlighted with the correct accent wall. By choosing the right backdrop color and lighting you can breathe life into an old room and tailor it to suit your aesthetic needs. We carry a variety of options in our Artificial Wall collection. The increased variety and distinctiveness of the texture when compared to painted accent walls, allows for a much more immersive experience, that is hassle and paint free. You can have your choice of color and foliage that would best suit your home.

The set-up is easy and custom sizes are just a scissor snip away.

We hope this may have shed some light on the process of choosing an accent wall that suits your needs and highlights the beauty of your home.

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